A yellow yooperland evening

My lizardy beach urchin drove “Miss Daisy” to the yooperland today. She drove Cygnus as we pulled a small utility trailer the whole way. We stopped along the way to visit FlaMan and deliver him a McDonald’s breakfast. After complaining about how he was having a rough morning (it is NOT covid), he finally asked, “What day is it?” We told him it was Saturday and he lit up. “Good, I can go to the bar.” The bar in question is next door to his apartment, close enough that he can get there on his scooter. Do not get me wrong. We LOVE FlaMan and are happy that he finds ways to be independent despite his disabilities. He always seems happy to see his nieces (Liz today), nephews and the “greats”.

From there, we continued north and here we are crossing the Big Mac.

We got stuck in a minor traffic backup before the tollbooths and rode next to this peanut-eating person for a while. Long enough to get a peanut-eating pic. Of course it was the GG and eventually he figured out we were next to him.

Our mouse was already here when we arrived and she had a Dinner Plan going. Green Chili with pork shoulder, cow beans, and friends. In fact she sent us a mini-list to pick up at the park store along the way.

It turned into a YELLOW evening.

One Response to “A yellow yooperland evening”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a good day, a yummy dinner and a beautiful evening. Love the last shot!