I looked next door this afternoon and there were about a gazillion white vee-hickles over there. I thought it would make an interesting pic so I walked over there and as I approached, I could see my cousin the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie hanging out in his vee-hickle, the big white van.

I got his attention and we were talking when a whole bunch of other cousins came along. The Beautiful Jan, “Little” Katie, Cap’n Queen Leila and her mom, Judd, Nate, and others. We enjoyed talking to all of them and then we coerced the Grinchie (who was still in his van) into coming over for a cheeseburger and then the Old Cabin cousins came over to hang out on the deck with us. All in all, a beautiful summer evening in the yooperland on the shores of Gitchee Gumee.

One Response to “White”

  1. Margaret Says:

    White vehicle convention! It sounds like a great evening!!