Deck weather

Orchids. Or are these beach peas? I thought for sure I was sent a pic of beach pea plants today but I think I also got orchids. I’m too taaarrred at this point to figger out which is which.

The GG spent almost the entire day in the garatchkey (one trip to the hardware store) fixing various things. I made a trip to drop green bag garbage at the res. I love Cygnus but the one thing she doesn’t do is “pop the trunk”. It’s okay, we worked it out.

Hot hot hot today. Too hot for the beach (for me) but not as hot as last summer. An “undertaker’s wind” out of the swamp made the deck very comfortable.

That’s about it for me and it’s not much. Love y’all, KW.

One Response to “Deck weather”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks like a pea to me but what do I know. We’re getting more hot weather too but only two days of it. Whew.