Blueberry WoodsP

So I did some laundry this morning. At the Up North Laundromat which now has an app for paying for the warshing musheens. I told the proprietor how much I appreciated that today. I was sitting outside at that time waiting for my laundry to finish washing. I also enjoy the outdoor benches. Most people don’t mask at the laundromat. I did today when there were other people near the area where I do my washing and drying. I braved it without when no one was around.

As I was sitting on the bench outside the laundromat, I was texting with the beach urchins about dinner plans for the next few days. In the end, I was tasked with enchiladas for tonight and that was fine except that the one thing I didn’t get on to my grock list was chopped green chilies. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have them until I got back out here. Oh dear. There was no way I was gonna drive all the way into Meijer, especially with the detour. I considered taking a trip to the park store but you never know if you’ll find what you want there although I have bought CAPERS there…

As it turned out the Old Cabin was able to provide me a can of green chilies. Green chilies are now on my list so I can replace them at the Old Cabin. I remember The Commander going over to the Old Cabin or Katie’s Cabin and rummaging the cupboards for cans of tuna or whatever. That’s how it works around here.

The blueberries in the pic are just outside the Lyme Lounge. As the beach urchins pointed out, yes, they are right about where I WoodsP when I am sleeping in the Lyme Lounge. I have not WoodsPd there in just about forever though because I am currently sleeping on the futon inside the moomincabin. So if anything, I have provided nitrogen to the Lyme Lounge Blueberry Patch.

These blueberries look beautiful but actually we do not have a lot of wild blueberries in our yard this year. These are outliers.

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