Temporary dishevelment

This morning I got up late. I mean 7:00 AM is late (for me). I looked around and decided the recycling HAD to be dealt with TODAY! The moomincabin is a small place and you have really have to keep up with whatever crapola is around, especially when there are more than two people here, like there are this week. I focused on recycling today and got it all ready to go.

This morning was FaceTime Coffee with MMCB. We didn’t last too long today because all of us were in various stages of domestic dishevelment. MMCB1 was waiting for a w/d to arrive. I am soooo dumb that I had to ask what a w/d was. Washer/Dryer. Duh. MMCB2 was dealing with a family childcare situation in which another caregiver of her grandchildren tested positive for you-know-what (second infection but asymptomatic). MMCB2 has avoided covid so far and we are all hoping this status will continue.

Me? I just needed to deal with the recycle get outta Dodge for a quick trip to town. I went to Meijer too.

Mr. Fixit worked on all kinds of problems today. Coffee grinder, Dyson purple vac, leaky kitchen sink (only one trip to the hardware store), and who knows what in the garatchkey. Sometime in the afternoon, while the lizard was on a work call, there was a loud blast from behind the garatchkey. I said, “You need to give us a WARNING!” He said that he had given a warning shot. I said, “I meant a VERBAL warning.”

I intercepted a friendly UPS driver today who was delivering a package to the Old Cabin. It’s not easy to figure out what’s going on down here. We have addresses nowadays but there is a single driveway for both us and the Old Cabin and it turns off a one-lane road. This guy said this was the farthest he had ever driven down our road and were we also Garbinis? Nope. I gave him a VERY high-level explanation that our grandfather and the “Garbinis'” grandfather were best buddies and they bought this shorefront property 100 years ago but we were NOT related to the “Garbinis”, just friends. The “Garbinis” spend more time up here than we do and so probably order more stuff online to be delivered here. I didn’t try to explain that Garbini was not one of the original family names and neither was whatever name was on the package being delivered. Finlayson and McNaughton are the original family names but that was 100 years ago and I’m sure he didn’t care one whit 🤣🤣🤣

The pic is one my mouse took out on her North Country Trail hike near Betchler Lakes (I think) today. It is a sandhill crane in flight. Isn’t it lovely?

One Response to “Temporary dishevelment”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo indeed! It sounds like a very busy day. I too have dealt recently with grandson’s babysitter having Covid. Amazingly, none of us got it from her, even Grandson–who has only had 2 of his 3 vaccinations.