Pave paradise, put up a parking lot

Nope. Not here. Our moomincabin parking lot hides vee-hickles. Here’s Oriole (orange) and the Lyme Lounge (white).

And here’s Cygnus and if you look hard enough, the Old Cabin cousins’ RAV4 is in the background.

Our RAV4 (Mooon Yooonit) is out behind the garatchkey which I can barely see through the trees from here. I didn’t take a pic of that.

When I was a very young beach urchin and the Old Cabin was a bit different, I remember my older cousins Susel and Sandal used to play with toy cars and park them between the roots of pine trees. This was before my brother the automotive engineer was born. He would have loved playing with those cars.

And that’s about all for now because we are chilling out on the deck with dinner in the hopper and there is a loverly marine layer out there and potential for overnight storms. G’night.

One Response to “Pave paradise, put up a parking lot”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The cars are fairly well hidden except that last one. 😉 Sounds like you’re having a loverly evening!