Art doesn’t have to be colorful

The colors on the beach were muted this morning a little after sunrise. Sky, sand, water, even the trees. We have a sunset beach so colors are often muted in the early morning as the sun rises through the trees back behind the swamp. Sunset is anybody’s guess but we do get some spectacular ones. If the sun is at least partially visible.

Kayaks and beach chairs add a bit of color. Especially in the case of botes, colorful is GOOD because it is more visible if you are out in the big water. Yellow is a good color! Not quite so important for beach chairs but after a 2010 Labor Day “typhoon”, a lot of chairs ended up on the bottom of the lake and npJane and I spent quite some time trying to spot them after the typhoon blew itself out. A lot of those that were close to shore we recovered (they were FILLED with wet sand — heavy as all getout) but I’m sure others were lost forever.

I can only guess at who created this little village a few cabins down but it fit well into this morning’s muted palette.

2 Responses to “Art doesn’t have to be colorful”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does look very beachy!

  2. jane Says:

    That’s some excellent kindling!