Laundry Grinchola and a reality check

I was schlepping laundry into the UP North Laundry this morning when someone honked? Whaddya know, it was my cousin the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie across the street at the post office. I waved. It is so weirdly fun to see your cousin in your home town. I grew up here and then moved. He did not grow up here but has lived here throughout adulthood. His family stayed here on the beach most summers (we have ALWAYS been good buddies) and our seasonal cabin is two doors down from his house.

I wrote the title a while ago and then we went visiting next door and so now I’m not sure what the reality check I was thinking about earlier was. Maybe it’s that my laundry run almost made me late for the daily standup. I ended up throwing most of the laundry into the baskets without folding it (I did that later) and taking the freeway out instead of the back roads I love. Note that although the freeway here is a regular interstate highway, it is almost always completely empty and I have like eight miles to drive on it. NOT like driving through Detroit or Chicago or Seattle or ANY big city or even Ann Arbor.

I made it back in what shoulda been plenty of time to get on to the standup. Except. For whatever reason MS Teams would NOT load. So I had to re-a-start my laptop. Teams loaded after the re-a-start and I joined the meeting about a minute late. By that time, the meeting was mostly over and I was thinking like why the heck did I race back out here? One good reason is that people do notice when someone is AWOL (this is a good thing). But after that I decided that nothing much was gonna happen for the rest of the week and maybe I should watch a few botes go by this afternoon and take tomorrow off.

I watched the cruise ship Viking Octantis (and a bunch of other regular botes) go down. I am not into cruises at all. Frankly those huge ocean cruise ships look totally top-heavy to me, like they might tip over. This bote looks pretty sleek and it cruises Gitchee Gumee and if I *ever* go on a cruise (if COVID *EVER* ends), this will be my cruise.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was just talking to a friend about cruises and how I don’t think I would enjoy one. I’m always afraid I would feel trapped.