One mystery solved

I don’t agree at all with the politics of the Twinz of Terror, one of which is my husband. I love them *anyway*. Last night, the UU spent the night here at the moomincabin and I had coffee with both of them this morning before they took off for a group hike. I don’t do well with group hikes especially since covid. It’s not that I’m afraid I’ll catch covid (which I’ve already had anyway). I am just ultra introverted since you know when. I miss having both of the Twinz of Terror here even though I don’t agree with their polly-ticks.

Anyway, I had a great time doing errands and cooking today. I went to Meijer for food supplies and a little later I took a green bag up to the dump. After that, I did a bit of exploring. I wanted to find the old dump. The one my parents occasionally used when I was a kid. This wasn’t a regular thing for us. My dad worked at the 1st National Bank in town and he drove there every weekday and I will guess that he dealt with the garbage in town a lot of the time. But we did occasionally go to the dump, usually with The Commander driving.

It’s been driving me nuts trying to remember where the old dump was. I was thinking that we 1) turned left onto Plantation Road 2) hung another left somewhere and 3) then a right up a hill to the dump. Not! The old dump is off Plantation Road all right but Plantation Road continues west from the new dump and there are no turns or anything. All that is different is that the road is paved, at least to the new dump. It’s gravel from there to the old dump.

I do remember going to the dump with a friend’s family to watch the bears. My parents would NEVER have taken us there for that but allowed us to go with their friends.

Then there was the time I was 22 and I rode with The Commander to the dump and I noticed that she didn’t turn on to Plantation Road but didn’t say anything. We ended up on the Spectacle Lake overlook. Uh, moom? She was only like 55 so it wasn’t dementia. We gnoffed and gnoffed and made our way back to the actual dump.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s funny how our bodies remember the turns sometimes! I don’t agree at all with my brother and sister-in-law’s politics so I try never to discuss it with them.