Oh go screw yourself

Screw meaning the hardware kind of screw. The GG took the Motor Bote out for a long run this morning and when he got back, I don’t totally understand what happened but some screws got somewhere they weren’t supposed to be and one of them was actually in the sand somewhere. If you lose something in the sand it is likely you will never see it again.

npJane found the sand screw with a magnet and the GG eventually managed to retrieve the other screws from wherever they were. He had to go to the hardware store (of course) but couldn’t find the correct tool so had to improvise. I *blissfully* ignored 99% of this. Thanks to the GG for not involving me. I might’ve sicced Dark Brandon on him if he had 🤡

I didn’t do a whole lot today besides read. I finished The Big Rock Candy Mountain yesterday and after some deliberation started Children of Blood and Bone today. I’ve enjoyed the two Stegner books I’ve read and Blood/Bone is pulling me in. I think it’s by a Nigerian author and while I think India is gonna be next to run the world (based on my AWESOME Indian colleagues), maybe Nigeria will be after that. I’m gearing up to re-read Dune and some of Larry Niven’s stuff. I actually re-read Lucifer’s Hammer (Niven and Pournelle) a while back but am thinking about revisiting Ringworld and Integral Trees. It’s been a WHILE! And I struggled with Dune way back when so hoping it works out. Will a weeeeeee bit of maturity help or is Dune just not my thing? We’ll see.

I did work on the refrigimatator a bit, fishing out the few science experiments that were in there. I have to say that my daughters are MUCH better at leaving me without a whole lotta extra food than I was with The Commander. In my defense, The Comm lived 15 miles away in Sault Ste. Siberia and moved out here for the whole summer whereas I bounce back and forth between the moomincabin and The Planet Ann Arbor with wild abandon and so have to keep the fridge under more control than The Comm had to.

One Response to “Oh go screw yourself”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My favorite Stegner is definitely, “Crossing to Safety.” What a book. I didn’t bond with Rock Candy Mountain although our Book Club discussion moved it up in my estimation. I love “Dune” but I’m a sci-fi nerd.