Chainsaw massacre

What a day (not). I mean it was okay. It was NOISY this morning. First there were birds squawking like nobody’s business. I was somehow thinking the seagulls were leaving for the winter but a little later a cousin wondered if it was geese and I think it probably was. Then there was a lot of big banging and thudding around. I mean from Cananada or some place. The water was as still as glass this morning so sound carried and I dunno what was going on but this kind of thing is not unusual. And FOUR botes were downbound. I watched the first two (salties) pass by, then had to get down to business.

I’m late getting at this tonight and I am dead taaaared. I spent ALL morning doing a mid-year performance evaluation, not an easy task for a job that doesn’t lend itself to metrics. Plus figuring out if I actually HAVE FIVE weeks of vacay this year or not. YES YES YES! I DO! I cannot believe how long it took me to figger that out but I did it. This perk kicks in at 15 years. I’m not the new kid on the block any more although sometimes I still feel like I am. Imposter syndrome anyone?

I’ll leave y’all with a couple of pics related to one of the GG’s main activities this summer. The first is of Himself (Michigan’s Designated Helper) doing some chainsaw work. The second is of a photographer, probably not taking chainsaw pics. I think these are mouse pics I got via text so they’re probably okay to steal.

G’night, KW.

One Response to “Chainsaw massacre”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love birds but they are SO noisy! I steal pics all the time although I have to ask permission to use any of Grandson on my blog. Facebook is a no no but I have shared a few of him from the back. Probably the same rules for Grandson #2.