I only have a few more days here, at least on this trip. Taking Friday off to drive and (what the hell) Thursday off as a MEEEEE day! Since I have vacay to burn… I will be hanging around here at the moomin on Thursday except for driving a Green Bag up to the res and some recycle up to the township. But those are scenic trips along the lakeshore.

I went to town today. The big town and my last trip in there for grocks, at least this time around. Normally a grock run is quick and easy but this year there is a six mile DETOUR because one of the bridges on Six Mile is being replaced. It isn’t all that bad a detour. There is a one mile stretch of gravel but they are religiously grading that so it’s pretty good although Cygnus is FILTHY! This morning I got stuck behind somebody SLOW. Make no mistake, I am not a speed demon but this person was going 40 in a 55 mph area on a clear sunny day with dry roads and pavement at that point. I could NOT get around them. So I don’t really wanna go into TOWN again.

There are two bridges on Six Mile. The Whiskey Waiska River and its branches wind all over that area. When I was a little kid, Six Mile was gravel (I can still remember hearing gravel pinging up on the underside of the Old Black Ford we had then). The bridges were one lane then. I don’t suppose they were all that dangerous then because people couldn’t go 90 bazillion mph on a gravel road. After they paved Six Mile that changed.

They upgraded those bridges to two lane one at a time, so for a while there was a one lane bridge and a two lane bridge. One absolutely TERRIFYING night, I was 17 and riding with my then boyfriend in his friend Chewy’s car. Chewy was drunk as a skunk and I did NOT feel safe in any way, shape, or form. We were heading IN to town where my boyfriend (not drunk but couldn’t get Chewy to let him drive) was gonna pick up his OWN car in town (a Gremlin, remember those?) and drive me back out (and yes that seems like a lot of driving around). When Chewy couldn’t remember if the first or second bridge was the one lane bridge, I MADE them turn around and take me back to the moomin and man oh man it was a relief to get there in one piece. Fortunately my boyfriend made it home too.

I forget why we called that guy Chewy. Well, except after an incident when he fell asleep nude in the snow outside his house, we called him Mr. Bare Nature for a while. He eventually became a cop and I know nothing about his whereabouts now. My boyfriend became an accountant who ended up at Boeing in the PacNW. I haven’t communicated with him in many years. He was a really good person and I think I broke his heart but for whatever reason (The Commander asked me once) I had to move on. Fallin’ in and out o’ looooove…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like going fast in gravel because I don’t like my car to get dinged but this person was going very slowly on mostly pavement. I also would try to pull over to let people pass me. Only polite. I drove so much with inebriated college dates that it’s amazing I’m still alive.