Himself, in his element

The moomingarage was my brother’s idea. I wasn’t crazy about the idea. My teenage beach urchins HATED it. My brother was an automotive kind of guy (and so was my dad) and he won my parents over on building it and paying for it. Me and my beach urchins would’ve preferred a bunk house with a SHOWER and maybe even laundry facilities.

After my brother and then my dad died (my dad died nine months after my brother), The Commander looked at me one day and said, “We have a garage”, in a way that indicated that she wasn’t really happy about the garage either. This was during a celebration of my dad’s life and it was a frickin’ COLD day so we hosted the beach community at a potluck from the shelter the garage provided. We also had about a bazillion family members staying at the moomincabin for that. I said to The Commander that the garage was okay. We NEEDED it.

Over the years (including that weekend) the garage has provided extra parking space when all of the beach urchins in the moomincabin and the Old Cabin are here with all of their vee-hickles.

It proved to be INVALUABLE after The Commander died (six years later) because it served as a staging area for anything from her house that didn’t go directly to beach urchins or donations or trash or whatever. We are still dealing with a few leftovers from that stuff (Cygnus has a load to take down) but we are getting there.

I suppose the person who has benefited the greatest from the garage is the GG. He loves garages and we do not have one at The Landfill. He spends a LOT of time out at the moomingarage. This was what he was doing this afternoon. I mean I don’t really know what he was doing in the pic but this is the GG in his element. When C*Q*L was younger and lived next door, she would hoof it over here from next door and when I would say, “He’s in the garage”, she would beat tracks to get out there. The GG and the garage were MUCH more fun than me and whatever boring thing I was doing.

As much as I hated the idea at the time, thanks to my brother for pushing the idea of building a garage and thanks to my parents for paying for it. Another thing is that I am sitting on the deck tonight and I can’t even SEE the garage from here. Lots of trees have grown up between us. That is a good thing.

2 Responses to “Himself, in his element”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like the garage has fulfilled many different roles for various people. I didn’t want a gas insert when we moved into this house (husband insisted) but I would never be without one now.

  2. Pooh Says:

    You know we like the garage! Both for hosting get-togethers back in the day, and for wintering a certain lovely sailboat.