Yo-yo mama and deck weather

The GG: Dooya wanna drive down to East Lake? Meeee: Yes but nooooo. The GG: Dooya wanna go over for more porterization? Meee: Yes but noooo.

We took a Green Bag over and it turned out they also have a recycle thingy. I do not know why I didn’t know that but now that I do… I had been convinced that we’d have to drive all the way out to the township hall (or Sault Ste. Siberia) to dump the recycle. We did it at the res along with the Green Bag dropoff. Who knew?

Because today was my last day here at the moominbeach, I didn’t really want to go anywhere. And I didn’t except for garbage/recycle at the res. While the GG was driving to and from East Lake, I was hanging out on the deck here as a really nice thunderstorm rolled through. There was a LOT of thunder but very little lightning. That was mostly over eastern Lake Superior. But we got a BEAUTIFUL soaking rain. Weee needed that. Meeeee and the woods.

I have been extremely minimalist about food this summer so my dinner plan tonight was “homemade” pizza. That means prepared crust, in this case Bisquick because that’s all I could get, pizza sauce in a jar, pepperoni, canned mushrooms, and green pepper. I cut up the green pepper so yay for me. Oh, and pre-shredded cheese, mozz and parm. The Old Cabin cousins were hanging out with us on our deck and my brain finally surfaced enough to make me ask them to help us eat our pizza? Yes!

Down south tomorrow but back sometime in September to close up. It feels like we just opened the place…

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “Yo-yo mama and deck weather”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The pizza sounds good! It doesn’t seem like it could be this late in August already. Didn’t the month just start?