“So, he is always doing something. So, I don’t know what he is doing.” Say it with an Indian accent. Umpteen bazillion years ago, I picked up the GG and some of his co-workers at the airport after some kind of EPA boondoggle out to DC and we were dropping them off and when we got to our Indian colleague’s house, there was evidence that *something* had been going on in a ditch out by the street. We wondered what and that was her response. I could identify.

What did the GG do today? Researched taaaars for Mooon Yooonit and tried to figger how to get them delivered to a yooperland taaaar place because it would be $600 cheaper? Me? Whyyyy do we have to make everything overly complicated? Visited FlaMan, leaving me in PEACE for 4-5 hours. Went to REI to look for new shoes/sandals/whatever only to find that they only had some size 13s in the style he wanted. Made charcloth…

I won’t even begin to describe the charcloth-making procedure but charcloth is a very light-weight faaaar starter for backpack camping. It involves flint and some kind of processed pieces of cloth. I was interested but I did NOT want the flint, knife, or charcloth anywhere near my face because the sparking kind of freaks me out.

I don’t like to light matches either. I think this dates back to when I was a small child. I was my parents’ first child and was born when they were 33 and 35 after 11 years of unsuccessful attempts. I can remember them (or at least The Commander) being terrified that I would light matches on my own or stick silverware into lucky-shuckial outlets. By nature, I was a pretty cautious child when it came to that kind of stuff. I only had to hear it ONCE! They waaaaaay overdid it and I am still trying to recover from that early indoctrination. On the other hand, it’s probably one of the reasons I have never been a cigarette smoker.

Other than all that, I think charcloth is pretty cool. Just don’t put it near my face. BTW: All of those red dots are actually faaaar.

One Response to “Charcloth”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have never heard of charcloth. I had trouble getting my Keen walking shoes in my size from REI so I had to order them from the Evil Empire. Rats.