Back on the Planet again

Yaaaargh. It is relatively cool for late summer here on the Planet. Sometime about midday, Mooon Yooonit (parked outside the dining area window) catches some sun and just about blinds me. It fades as the sun moves toward the west. The last couple hours of the afternoon the sun is killer here in teleCubelandia. Hot and bright. The photooo is me leaving the Plum Market a few mornings ago. We had Lizard Breath for dinner tonight. I mean she and I collaborated on a meal here, not that we are cannibals who eat our young.

2 Responses to “Back on the Planet again”

  1. Isa Says:
  2. Margaret Says:

    Nice shot! I love dinners or get togethers with the kids. It’s so nice to have them close. (finally)