“I will wash the dishes while you go have a beer”

“Moom, I think that is the most out of tune I’ve ever heard you sing.” And yes, it was out of tune on purpose.

This beach urchin, after spending the night at The Landfill (her childhood home), made a quick brek to take with her to work this morning and took off apologizing for leaving a FEW dishes. And I mean a FEW! I remember all the times years ago when she would spend the night here and we would get a bagel and coffee at the Plum and then she would drive over to DayTwa to home and work and I would head to Cubelandia. Nowadays, when she goes to work from here, she just drives across the Planet Ann Arbor. She does have to drive back to DayTwa after work. For now…

She left a few dishes here. I was happy to wash them. I am a dishwasher from the getgo and this was not a whole lot of dishes and she certainly wasn’t having a beer while I did them.

The lyrics in the title are from Paula Cole’s “Where have all the cowboys gone” not to be confused with “Where have all the cow pies gone”, which we used to sometimes say even though we LOVE the song and Paula Cole.

I have heard this song many times but I think my main memory of it is when the beach urchins and I were traveling from Hoton Lake to the yooperland via the POC one morning. I remember a lot of trips up north with me and my daughters. Sometimes the three of us in a minivan and later on tandem driving two vee-hickles, usually the POC (Island Teal minivan) and The Indefatigable. For many years now, everyone has had their own cars.

Miss those days. And then there were all the years we weren’t together a whole lot as they were “spreading their wings”. That should be a good thing for families and for us it was. I could maybe say more but I’m kinda done done done.

Love y’all, KW!

P.S. Alone is a good reality series to watch.

One Response to ““I will wash the dishes while you go have a beer””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not the best dishwasher but I don’t like dirty dishes in my sink so I deal with them ASAP.