Baby steps into sweet and dry moose

Guess where this photo was taken (by meeeee). It was at a RESTAURANT! Yes it is outside. But this marks the first time I have INITIATED the idea to eat at a restaurant since pre-COVID.

I had initially thought about lunch at the Griz but in the cold clear light of the morning, I knew that I wasn’t ready to eat downtown yet, inside or out. The Umich students are arriving and while the west end of downtown (“our” end) isn’t as nutso as the campus area, I was just not ready. So we drove out Jackson to The Session Room, another lunch fave of ours pre-COVID. YES! They had outdoor seating available! I wore my mask THROUGH the restaurant but certainly took it off outside. The GG harassed me for wearing a mask. Sorry, I guess we will continue to cancel each other out and hope for the best. Most customers were not masking but a fair number of employees were. I masked in solidarity with them!

Anyway, it was wonderful and I could not find ANYTHING to complain about and I tipped well but I have ALWAYS tipped well, even before COVID. I am not ready for inside dining yet and I am also not ready for LOTS OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE although we had a BIG picnic table to ourselves. Not really afraid of getting infected from others at this point, just not ready for the whole scene. But baby steps.

The GG worked on his Minnesota maps to prepare for various upcoming hiking trips. He kept asking me what I was reading. Well. I finished my book this morning and wasn’t quiiiiite ready to start my next even though it was queued up. So I was reading WaPo articles. One profiling five long COVID folks. I am sooooo glad my own COVID case was quick and mild. I also know that my lifestyle allows me to AVOID COVID. Like I don’t have to work in an assisted living facility to pay my bills. Or any kind of business that involves dealing up close and personal with the public. Note that I HAVE worked retail before and I actually LOVED it. But $1.75 per hour (at that time) was only okay because I was a college student largely funded by my parents.

Then I read a series of abortion stories. I could write a BOOK about this. NO ONE LIKES THE IDEA OF ABORTION!!!! But life is not neatly packaged and tied up with a pretty little bow. I will NEVER understand how a bunch of mean (yes, mean) old fossils (yes, fossils), can dictate that a 10-year-old MUST give birth (one EXAMPLE, there are many others). Oh but there are plenty of [pretty rich white] people who want babies and can’t have them. I am all for adoption but it should also be the birth mother’s CHOICE. Most 10 year olds do not have the “tools” to make that choice for themselves.

Sorry, I am off the track here. We’re about to get porterized with sweet and dry moose and a faaaar in the back yard.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been eating outside periodically, usually by the water so breezy and nice. I’m still not comfortable eating inside unless the restaurant is mostly deserted. A couple friends have long covid and it is miserable and disheartening. Scares me!