Thanks for the ride

Okay, so I did some things with the GG this weekend. I mean besides the usual Saturday date which is to go ta da dump ta da dump ta da dump dump dump. I went to an actual restaurant yesterday and today? Drum roll… We went to O-haaaa-o! It was beautiful!

We drove down to Toledo and eventually connected up with the Maumee River. It’s the biggest river to feed into the Great Lakes, has to be Lake Erie. We drove along the Maumee River for many miles, nipping in and out of Toledo area metroparks so the GG could re-live some of his hiking trips along the old canal tow-paths adjacent to the Maumee. The tow-paths have been converted to hiking trails.

Western Ohio is flat flat flat. It is also beautiful but not in a photogenic way. I am only a lowly iPhoneographer but I tried to figure this out today. For one thing, the human eye (at least my human eye) sees things that my camera cannot. Not to mention that I didn’t spend any time at all trying to line up decent shots. For instance. A beautiful old stone railroad bridge across the Maumee didn’t work because Mr. Golden Sun was in the wrong place and I couldn’t get it to stand out against the background. I also didn’t try very hard 🐽

We went south along the Maumee until we got to highway 109 and we turned north on that. It eventually became M52 as we crossed the state line back into The Great Lake State. After we had traveled M52 for a while, we got away from flat flat flat into glacial hills.

The pic I chose was a Maumee River dam. I am not sure how this dam works but I was distracted (and amazed) by all of the dead trees hanging out there. I wanted to know if people ever removed those from the river/dam. The GG did not know and I didn’t pursue it much further.

Looking forward to a day trip to visit Napolean and Defiance Ohio.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ohio is indeed flat or appeared that way to this Washington. However, it has beautiful spots. When I visited in March it wasn’t so nice, but it was lovely when I came the next year in May. (the trees had leafed out)