In the end, I bagged it

My high school reunion in the yooperland. A significant anniversary, try 50 🐽🐽🐽

Three reasons… 1) I am still a covid pessimist and some of this stuff was inside. 2) I am a HUUUGE introvert and the pandemic has given me permission to EMBRACE that. 3 but not least) The way the schedule turned out, I’d’ve had to make a rocket trip up there for the weekend and I was… weary… So I DM’d The Beautiful Mimi, gave my regrets, and told her the class could keep my money. She was gracious as always.

I actually had cooked up kind of a fun plan for this reunion, involving wearing my cousin’s Ann Arbor Pioneer High 1972 t-shirt. Her reunion was earlier in the summer. I have lived on the Planet Ann Arbor for long enough that even though I didn’t spend my childhood here and the beach urchins didn’t go to Pioneer High, I figgered I could get away with it. And it would be a potential conversation starter since I am abysmal at small talk. (Don’t worry Pooh, I’ll mail the t-shirt soon.)

Pictures of the event were posted to FB and a fellow alum DM’d me wondering if I had attended since she didn’t see me in any of them. I replied and she understood. She’d have had to fly from Texas AND find a place to stay. I can just stay at the moomincabin.

Funny enough, at an earlier reunion this friend “recognized” the GG from high school. We were on the Soo Locks tour bote and I came up from the bathroom to find them talking and she was just figuring out that she did not in fact know him. He went to high school in Royal Joke after all. But she had seen him on the internet! It was hilarious 🤣

So how about that Ugly? The pic, I mean. Jeebus. My hair has always been totally unruly and I remember that day as being hot and very humid. I was just enough of a hippy wanna-be that I eschewed “beauty parlors” so no fancy do for me. I actually look a lot like the GG’s high school pic here. Except his hair was longer than mine, reaching his butt. Mine straggled about halfway down my back ending in a frazzle of split ends, etc.

One Response to “In the end, I bagged it”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Our high school senior photos look quite similar. My hair was straighter though. I haven’t missed a reunion yet but will have to see how I feel about #50 in two years. Depends on what’s happening with Covid.