To our apple tree. I could not for the life of me get a good pic of this operation due to the shade in our yard and the angle of Mr. Golden Sun. It’s the GG up on a ladder and he has a borrowed saw of some sort from Bob, the next door neighbor not the UU.

We will miss the apple tree but it’s not like we ever got many edible apples from it. A few would fall most years but never enough to do much of a harvest. Except 2013… We had TONS of apples. I would walk out there and grab a few off the ground every day. They were GOOD too. Small and sweet. Problem? EVERYBODY was inundated with apples that year. So I would go to work and there would be boxes full of them in the lunch room.

Weather was the cause of this. I am not really knowledgeable about this stuff but okay. 2012 was when The Commander died. That March was soooooo hot (90s and one day the Ninja proclaimed 106 when I got into her at the end of my work day) that all of the flowering trees bloomed. They don’t usually do that until May or even June. Then there was a freezing spell in April. That killed a lot of fruit crops in the state but for some reason it made the crops over-produce in 2013. Including our poor neglected tree.

Since that year we’ve gotten the usual few measly, wormy apples every year. Until this year. The tree didn’t bloom or leaf out at all. Dead dead dead. So the GG took it down. Yes there are power lines up there. He is WELL AWARE of those and is very careful. He is a certified chain sawyer and knows all of the safety rules regarding saws. And ladders. And power lines.

I wish I could find the pic of mouse and and her horse encamped in the apple tree many years ago. I can’t and I don’t feel like trying tonight. I suspect it is in an album, not online.

We’ll miss the apple tree as unproductive as it was but maybe a bit more sunshine will find our back yard without it.

One Response to “Sayonara”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley has two apple trees which seem to produce well but a half dead cherry tree that she would like to nurse back to health. (and that I think needs to come down!)