Eight and counting…

That’s the last I heard about how many covid positive people reported their status following last weekend’s Soo High 1972 class reunion. The one I did not attend. I dunno. Covid was probably the biggest concern for why I didn’t register for the reunion early on. But then I did and in the end, the main reason I didn’t attend was yooperland travel fatigue.

I am so glad I did NOT attend. Seeing the photos, the organizers did a beautiful job. But. All of those photos showed people congregating close together and NO MASKS. People on facebook reported hugs and kisses, etc. My fam and beach community are still doing air hugs. To be honest, we aren’t really big huggers from the getgo but pre-covid if someone wanted to hug me I would go for it.

I hope all of the positive reunion folks are vaxxed/boosted and/or do not have more than mild symptoms.

I always have to laugh when people assume that I went to a SMALL high school. No no no no. I mean it wasn’t huge either but my graduating class was something like 360 (124 attended the reunion). It was a small town (15,000?) but big enough to have eight elementary schools, at least when I was a kid, there are fewer now. We all fed into the same junior high and high school and the high school picked up a lot of eastern yooperland kids too. Some of them were there because they needed better academic options and others because they needed a “skill” center education, aka I’m not going to college for whatever reason. Of course some of those folks DID end up in college and beyond. Don’t take those stoopid facebook memes seriously when deciding what you think about the policies surrounding forgiving student loans. It’s not that simple.

The pic is the GG posing next to a mule crossing sign by the Maumee River. There is a canal there on which people and mules towed barges once upon a time.

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