On the one hand, I re-connected with my aunt Charlotte’s granddaughter on facebook today. Charlotte was my favorite aunt on the MacMu side of the fam. Since all of my MacMu aunts and uncles are dead now, I guess I can say that. I tried to get along with Aunt Roberta but she was a piece of work to say the least. The Commander (her sister) had difficulties with her too although there were some good times.

Charlotte was always just, well, fun. Once, she sent her young son and one of his friends up to the moomincabin on the bus for a week. They were like 12 or so. She called once to check up on how they were doing. I answered the phone (wait! did we actually have a phone at the moomin then? I guess so). I said he was doing fine. She told me that when she drove up to pick them up, she would make sure to sleep in her black lace negligee just to embarrass the heck out of them. I was probably around 18 then and of course I cracked up.

Doug and his friend were DYING to row the dinghy to the island. We were having a lot of northwest winds that week and The Comm was wringing her hands about letting them do that. Finally one windy wavy day, my uncle Duke, the old air force pilot said, “Oh just let ’em go. They’ll never get off the shore.” And they didn’t 🤣 Years later I took Doug and his daughter to the island in kayaks and I’ll talk about that some other time.

Charlotte died way too early and then her daughter (my cousin Cathy) died, also way too early. I don’t know Cathy’s children all that well but I am friends with her daughter on facebook (Charlotte’s granddaughter, my first cousin once removed). So when she posted pictures from Sault Ste. Siberia, I reached out to say that she was welcome to visit the moominbeach whenever she was in the area. We had a bit of back and forth. She remembered the one time her uncle Doug took her and her brother to visit their great-aunt Fran (my mother the Commander) at the moomin but wasn’t exactly sure how to get there. Maybe one of these days she’ll get there again, maybe not. I know The Commander (and her sister Charlotte) would be happy that I connected.

I do struggle when the GG tells people he knows in the yooperland that I am related to various people in the area. This is FinFam relations, not MacMu. Yes. I am related to various people in the area but I MOSTLY do not know them. I know my first cousins and their kids/grandkids. For whatever reason, I did not know most of the others when I was a child. I’m not sure why but, well, it’s all very awkward and I would rather not y’know GO THERE for the most part. They are good people as far as I know…

Covid count from the class reunion I didn’t attend was up to nine last I heard. Cheers!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That would be great if she did decide to meet up at the cabin some time. Perhaps let her know next time you’ll be up there and give directions, then leave it up to her.