Percolated Bowling Post

I remember when the DonDee Lanes were built out there on old US-2 in Siberia. I was just a little kid and for years and years I can remember getting schlepped by it in various vee-hickles on the way out to the beach. That whole Glen’s/Walmart disaster area wasn’t there in those days and the US-2/3-Mile intersection was totally different. Nowadays I usually zip out to the beach by the back route, 3 mile to baker side to 5 mile to white side to 6 mile…

Anyway. I dunno why I was so taken in by the April Fools Sault Evening Snooze droven-in item about steroid-taking bowlers at the DonDee. Maybe just because it was so hilarious and we were at Houghton Lake having a great time and a manhattan (or two). Karen actually *read* the article and brought me back to earth again.

But I also just wondered what bowling had gotten up to nowadays. One of my old boyfriends from back in the day was pretty darn good at bowling. Baseball too. He had potential careers in either of those sports ahead of him, but he was also smart enough to get an accounting degree and, last I knew, which was a pretty long time ago, that’s what he was doing. The point is that I remember quite a bit about bowling and bowling alleys. Steroids? What was I thinking? Beer would be a much more likely drug of choice. And a lot of the best bowlers could still bowl perfect 300-point games after a pitcher or so. Or so it seemed. Me? I was never very good at bowling. But I was good enough at *scoring* that I was even allowed to do it at a few little Yooper tournaments. Bet they don’t just let some young man’s girlfriend do *that* anymore *anywhere*. But those were good times. He was a great guy and bowlers in general are pretty darn good people.

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  1. fran Says:

    the steroids were an April Fool! I didn’t see the newspaper but lunch always reveals all as someone in the crew does read it. KJ was a Wednes night bowler for years long before you turned up — and I played bridge……………………….