Famouse Knitters

The Yarn Harlot has been in town the last couple of days and I got to meet her thanks to Jane, my not-knitter cousin. I can’t really say I’m much of a knitter either. I mean, I know how. And I enjoy it. But I am only a little over half finished with the socks I started on the beach last summer. Most of the time since then, I have been chained to my Macbook. But I do know how! To knit, that is.

When I accepted Jane’s invitation, I have to admit I was thinking rather snarkily to myself, “hee hee hee, Mouse is over in Kalamazoo. She’ll be green with envy that her baggy old moom got to see the Yarn Harlot.” Then on Saturday, while we were at Houghton Lake, I got the message, “Moom, expect a surprise this afternoon.” I knew immediately what the surprise was. Mouse had finagled a ride home in order to see the Yarn Harlot.

I was right but lots of wires got crossed on Sunday and that event didn’t happen. As the Yarn Harlot’s plane was minutes from touching down in Metro, fog caused the pilot to abort the landing. A second attempt was also foiled, so they had to fly all the way back to Chicago, the point of origin. I’m sure I would’ve thoroughly enjoyed *that* loverly flight. Sheesh, at least twice as long as scheduled and not one but *three* ascents! 🙄 Anyway, after mucking around O’Hare for a considerable amount of time, the Yarn Harlot eventually made it over here to The Planet Ann Arbor, but by that time, Mouse had to go back to Kalamazoo.

Jane and I had a great time at today’s event and even got to talk to YH for a couple minutes. I happened to mention Mouse and yesterday’s snafu and YH said she thought she remembered Mouse from last summer and another knitter at the event overheard me and said something like, “Mouse? Mouse is famous!” Apparently this knitter belongs to a group that also includes one of Mouse’s friends. And Mouse *is* famous, at least among knitters (and some theatrical-type people) on The Planet Ann Arbor.

Of course, the whole thing made me feel like knitting or beading or collaging/overstitching/embellishing fabric or something. But I can’t because I am pulling my hair out on my latest web interface design projects. Hello Kitty in particular. Plus I have a Flash game to design and a business to put together. How the heck can I figure out how to make myself focus on just one thing! I wanna do it all! Yarn store/internet cafe anyone? Or maybe I can eek eke out a little cash setting up knitting blahgs? Any takers?

4 Responses to “Famouse Knitters”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    was the “eek” for the Mouse-related blog, or a fat-finger of “eke”??

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, that would be “eke.” But I wasn’t fat-fingering. It was a brain error.

  3. Webmomster Says:

    Ah. but it SO totally worked with the theme….

  4. Pooh Says:

    yarn store/internet cafe?? Sounds good.

    I’ve noticed when I’m confused by knitting instructions, that my ancient FORTRAN/COBOL programmer’s brain kicks in and interjects, “@#$%! Is this a DO WHILE or a DO UNTIL statement?” Also what, if anything, is the difference btw “Decrease on every 2nd and every 4th row” and “Decrease on every 2nd row”? End Rant.

    Back in the early 1980’s there was a yarn store/organic food market in Bruce Mines, Ontario. If it’s still there, maybe it’s now a wi-fi spot too.