You’ve heard of fish flies?

Well those are what the pics show but those come around early in the summer. We call them fish flies at the Hoton Lake Groop Home but another name for them is May Flies and my granddaddy called them Canadian Soldiers. The live a very short period of time – 24 hours or fewer, mate and die. I believe I’ve heard that in some areas over by Detroit near the river / lake, their carcasses carpet the roads so thickly that they are slippery but don’t quote me on that. They are TOTALLY HARMLESS but they squick some people out. Not me although I am squicked out by a surprising insect that I won’t mention and I would appreciate tactful silence from others who DO know 🐽 Eetz a phobia and it is actually not an uncommon one.

Anyway, we are not dealing with fish flies right now. Actually we never have fish flies on The Planet Ann Arbor. But boy oh boy, do we have FRUIT FLIES! Jeebus! I did two grock runs this morning (farmers and Plum) and a lovely co-worker of 🐭 also dropped off a bag of garden surplus a few days ago (lovely cantaloupe BTW). I HAD PRODUCE! And that meant I HAD FRUIT FLIES!

I “processed” all of my fruits and veggies and put everything in the refrigimatator, not to mention several runs out to the compost. I even put APPLES in the fridge. I know that’s not the best place for them but I do NOT want teensy tinesy little bugaboos flying all over my chitchen. I am at WAR!

So, kebabs and grilled corn plus left-over yellow wax beans for dinner. And a cuke salad (the vinegar-y kind) to use up some cukes I bought at the farmers market a week ago. I have scraped the kernels off of 12 ears of corn in the last few weeks, eight of them grilled plus four raw today (from the 🐭 friend). They are in the freezer.

The GG CLEANED out Mooon Yooonit today. She NEEDED IT after a summer of hauling North Country Trail (NCT) crapola around. She is now ready for a fall of hauling NCT crapola around 🐽 He is now entertaining himself by feeding chipmunks in the back yard. Hot today!

P.S. In case I was not clear, these big ugly bugs are NOT what’s in my house today. Fruit flies as y’all know are too small for iPhoneography.

One Response to “You’ve heard of fish flies?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do so hate fruit flies which I avoided until the kids lived here and left all the fruit out. (which I never do because I hate those little buggers and they can be hard to get rid of) I also dislike those pesky little ants; I’m still working on eradicating them. Dinner sounds delicious!