Sunday meanderings

After last Sunday’s long meander along the Maumee River, I had thought I would be all jazzed up to take a second day trip down to Napoleon and Defiance. We happened upon Napoleon January 2021 and I soooo wanted to get a pic of that courthouse to add to my meager courthouse collection. We didn’t stop though and on the way back we took a freeway route and didn’t pass through Napoleon.

The GG has spent a LOT of time in O-haaa-o over the last year hiking the North Country and/or Buckeye Trails (sometimes they are one and the same). This fall (which will begin before he takes off) his focus is mainly Minnesota. It’ll probably be a while until we get down into Ohio again.

Anyway, he was gonna visit FlaMan today but FlaMan wasn’t quite up to receiving visitors today for whatever reason so the GG took a LOOOOOONG walk out to Dexter. He called me for a ride home MUCH later than I expected but I wasn’t worried. I actually figured he had decided to walk out and BACK.

It turned out he walked out to Dexter via the Mouse House, which is exactly seven miles from our house, then had a beer at Dexter’s Pub, THEN called me. Should he have called me to meet him for a beer? Nope. Not unless Dexter’s has outside seating and I’m not sure it does.

I picked him up on Huron River Drive but then I returned him via the back roads including the Mouse House. He noticed that LEO wasn’t there when he walked by but was when we drove. Ruby, a visiting vee-hickle, was there both times. Honestly we were not spying. We have driven that road forever and are ecstatic that our mouse and raccoon now live on it. I did not think to drive him by his fav-o-rite MAGA Bunker on Gregory Road. There is a loverly sign about Dark Brandon (Joe Biden) in front of the bunker and how bad his policies are affecting “us”. Uh, not me…

The pic is from last Sunday. It’s where the Wabash Cannonball rails-to-trails portion of the NCT/Buckeye trail crosses Ohio highway 109 (aka Michigan highway 52). This part of the trail is named after the Wabash Cannonball train, which is long gone. I have to say that every time I think of the Wabash Cannonball, I remember my boss Byron from my childhood job schlepping boxes of printer paper with Wabash written on them through the computer room. Byron didn’t have a whole lot of hair and my friend Jim C from that job and I would joke that the Wabash Cannonball was coming through. Yes this was nowhere near politically correct but we were young and stoopid and we all got along with Byron who was definitely non-PC himself.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was thinking about that the other day–how many things we said and did that were NOT PC during my 37 years of teaching. I’m still doing outside dining although I’m going to have tough decisions to make when it cools down and starts raining.