Have I got a piece of property for yooouuuu!

Jeebus, things sometimes go south fast! Last night I was innocently scrolling facebook. A Soo Ontario group I follow was talking about where thunderstorms struck last night. Not in Soo Ontario. But one woman in the group reported big storms on Dog Lake. Me? Where the heck is Dog Lake?

I didn’t reply to the group with an idiotic question like that. I did goomaps. OMG! Dog Lake is northeast of Wawa. I have been to Wawa umpteen gazillion times in my life but I had no clue that something called Dog Lake existed. To be fair it is many kilometers away from Wawa and I won’t go through the geography of all that right now. I am still learning it myself.

In my Goomaps process I came across a hunting/fishing lodge for sale! 1.3 million dollars. I was trying to have a general conversation about the Dog Lake area with the GG and I sent him a link to this place. For TWO hours after that he was bugging me about how we could not afford to buy a $1.3 million piece of property.

Okay. For one thing, this is not a residence (although I’m sure the owners actually live there). It is a LODGE with a bunch of cabins that rich (or not) folks from the south (aka The United Snakes and other places) can rent for hunting/fishing or maybe paddling or just relaxing vacations. Northern Ontario has always been a place people who can afford to go there travel for this kind of thing. Many places are pontoon plane fly-ins. I think you can drive to this place, more or less. It looks to me that the most recent owners have UPGRADED this place to be more comfortable. I’m not sure it has wi-fi but heat and lucky-shucky and indoor plumbing are probably relatively new. That’s a good thing.

The thing that’s cracking me up is that the GG thinks I’m interested in spending my hard-earned money on buying this place. I think he’s kidding but it’s going on a bit looooong. For one thing, the moomincabin is 350 miles away from The Planet Ann Arbor. Wawa is 142 miles north of that, not to mention that you have to endure Canadian customs to cross the St. Marys River. And once you get to Wawa, you have umpteen more kilometers to get to Dog Lake.

I am glad that the folks who run lodges there are able to prosper. I haven’t been there but I know it is beautiful country. Do I wanna move there? No I do not! As the GG was leaving for FlaMan’s place this morning he looked me in the eye and said something like, “While I’m gone, don’t get any ideas about buying property on Dog Lake.” I THINK he was kidding.

2 Responses to “Have I got a piece of property for yooouuuu!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s very fun to look at different properties and houses; now that the kids are in their house, I don’t do that so much anymore. But for a while, I was inundated with places for sale. Many of them were amazing in a variety of ways–some terrible but interesting ones too.

  2. Isa Says:

    After you buy the lodge, you can get going on a couple of motorcycles so you can bike your way to Yellowknife.