Mystery greens

There was a block party a bit earlier and I made two lasagnas for it, Italian sausage and veggie (spinach, carrots, and pattypan squash). I knew that one of the next door neighbors (who organized the party) was vegetarian but the GG made sure to tell me about it anyway [snort]. I’m sure there were other vegetarians too.

Anyway, I had spinach on my farmers market list because I usually put spinach in BOTH veggie and meat lasagnas. I got to the farmers market and bought a bag of greens that I THOUGHT was spinach. Sometimes the farmers bag spinach and I didn’t ask. Once I processed it, I realized it was NOT spinach.

My best guess on these greens is mustard greens? I love mustard greens and if these lasagnas had been for private consumption, I may have tried it out. But I didn’t want to feed the neighbors weird greens in their lasagna, so I schlepped over to the Plum to get a box of spinach. It was my second trip over there today. Let me tell you, going to the Plum at 8:00 AM is a LOT easier than going at noon.

The party? I spent a lot of time trying to build up my social energy before attending. The party itself took a while to get going, which was FINE! The GG was hopping around back and forth until he finally came home and suggested that people were waiting for me to make an appearance, so I did. It worked out fine. When I arrived, I felt a bit like the GG had prepared people for a queen or something so I immediately said to the GG, “I am NOT the queen.” I sat by Marsha for a while but eventually branched out.

Everybody is younger than us. When we moved in to the neighborhood, everybody was older. Marsha’s parents-in-law lived in her house when we moved in. I got along okay anyway but too tired tonight to philosophize about any of that. You’re welcome. Around the time I was running out of social energy, it started raining and I bagged it. The UU arrived a bit after that and the Twinz of Terror pretty much closed the party, social butterflies that they are.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Mystery greens”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never had mustard greens! I would love that veggie lasagna.