Double vision watching the Lions lose (again)

The Uncly Uncle usually posts photos of himself with beautiful women at Lions games. Today his identical twin (the GG) accompanied him and they encountered ANOTHER set of identical twins who were more than happy to pose for a pic with these baggy old guys. The Twinz of Terror gave me permission to post this. I couldn’t ask the female twins because I wasn’t there but hopefully my little blahg of blather will not attract enough attention for these ladies to recognize themselves. If it does, I will happily remove the pic if they want. But I think they are gorgeous and am glad to have them grace my boring little blahg.

As for me… I got a loverly day of space-ification here in my loverly little house. I have been needing that. An upcoming series of hiking events has got the GG’s undies in kind of a bunch and between the phone calls (please don’t pace!) and general spazzing around about scheduling and things, I am going kind of nutso. This stuff has to be done but it maybe could be done a bit less frenetically.

And yes, the Lions lost AGAIN. The Lions pretty much always lose. The cFam has had a couple of season tickets to Lions games for about a gazillion years and they still go to the games. I guess it’s fun for some people to spend a whole day going to a football game, which is what happens here since we are more or less an hour away from Detroit. But *they* were going to the game and *I* was happy to hang around here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Wondering when the Twinz of Terror would be returning after the game, I googled and was delighted to find that Google itself would keep me updated on the score, the quarter, and whatever time was left in it.

One Response to “Double vision watching the Lions lose (again)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think our local football team will be joining the Lions, at least for a few years. We’re used to winning, so this isn’t going to be fun. How cool to run into another set of identical twins!