I married you for better or worse but not for lunch, episode #56893

What a day! Can we start with RUMMAGING? Rummage rummage rummage rummage. Drawers were being opened and shut with wild abandon. Bags and boxes and murses and various other containers were being opened and shut. FINALLY… After a half hour of this crapola, The Pensioner held up a wallet-sized thingy and said something like, “I FINALLY found this. It was in the first place I looked.”

My opinion? He has tooooo much STUFF. If you don’t have too much stuff, it is a lot easier to find things. I especially do not understand the number of bags and cases and things. I have gotten rid of a lot of that stuff and I am gonna get rid of one of my TWO rolling suitcases. I bought one of them and “inherited” the other from The Commander (i.e., it was in her house after she died so I took it home).

For a few years, I was using both of them to schlep clothing up to the moomin in the summer. But they are too bulky so this year I bought a couple of small duffels. A Cotopaxi and an LL Bean. I used to have a huge LL Bean duffel but I kept losing stuff in it. So now, I put the stuff I expect to use frequently in one small duffel and the other stuff (Smartwool leggings, etc.) in the other. I bought them from different companies because if they don’t look different, I will definitely get mixed up about what is in what. I mean, I suppose I couldda bought two different LL Bean colors but I LIKE Cotopaxi. Guess what? I am still losing things!

In the last couple years before The Comm died, when she was diligently working on de-acquisitioning her possessions, she would occasionally lament that her grandchildren didn’t really seem to be interested in all of her bags and things. Moom, it’s because they already own too many of their own bags and things. The GG did adopt one of her purses so if you see a guy with a big leather satchel-type thing, you know it is the GG with his murse. He keeps implements of too much fun in it. Actually he says to say he keeps guns and ammo in it. The Commander may not have approved. On the other hand, she loved the GG and would probably laugh about how her purse is being used. And my dad had plenty of guns too although I can count on one finger the times I saw him shoot one. I wasn’t there for the pajama-clad goose-hunting episode but he did not shoot anything that time either. Still it’s a good thing it’s a private beach. (Yeah, it’s a weird pic. The GG thought the blue dish towel would provide contrast. It does but it doesn’t really work for other reasons. Oh well.)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The murse appears to be in good shape and I like that the GG has re-purposed it.