Cognitive dissonance on Missing Button Day

It’s always the last day before vacation when your normally calm job goes to sh*t. So Missing Button Day. First I needed to send a zip file to somebody and I had to use a corporate application to do it securely. I only do this a couple times a year so I am often a little nervous about going through the whole complicated process.

Today I was not nervous at all. Until. I got out to where I could compose an email message and attach a file. There was no way to create a message. I muddled around as I always do and found out that if the “Compose” button was missing, I had to file a support ticket. Okay then, my second ticket this week! Both access issues. Apparently this issue affects a LOT of people. If so, why did they not give us a heads up? For now, we have a client that isn’t getting what they need from us in the fast turn-around time we usually provide… … …

Then I went to “join” a one-on-one meeting with my new supervisor. This meeting is part of our performance evaluation stuff and I don’t talk to him very often so OF COURSE I was a little nervous. But there wasn’t a JOIN button… It got worked out and it was a good meeting.

At the end of the day, Lizard Breath texted to ask if we needed anything from Plum. Well, as a matter of fact I had planned to get a couple of Uncle Peter’s pasties from there tomorrow morning to schlep up to the yooperland. A good quick dinner for tomorrow night (I have some leftover frozen gravy from last xmas) and I can hit up Meijer Friday morning.

What are we eating tonight? Shrimp fried rice and spring rolls from Panda House and some leftover pizza slices from the freezer. Talk about cognitive dissonance! At first I was annoyed that combination of food was even suggested, which is where the “cognitive dissonance” statement came from. As I eased into an after work ‘hattan I decided all I really needed was enough fuel for tonight and maybe a bit leftover for tomorrow morning because I will need to eat SOMETHING before we leave, whether or not I’m hungry.

This afternoon has been difficult. I am trying to EMPTY MY BRAIN and weird things keep coming up. That is all. Those are bird tail feathers there. More on that some other day.

One Response to “Cognitive dissonance on Missing Button Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get easily frustrated and in a bad mood when things don’t work. Sorry that you had so many many snafus. My morning started out wrestling with 26 year old smoke detectors and the ensuing chaos.