Boomerang woman

Actually it’s been a while since I’ve been in the yooperland but here I am again for one last fling before the whole place freezes solid.

I think I am finally getting over my pandemic freeway driving phobia. We drove up here tandem again with me in Cygnus following Mooon Yooonit. It was a smooth smooth drive except for a frightening slow-down north of Flint. I saw some kind of emergency vee-hickle merge onto the I75 SUV Speedway at the next on-ramp but I couldn’t see what kind of vee-hckle it was. A bit north of that on-ramp, we hit a major slowdown. After creeeeeeeping along for a while and merging four lanes into two, we finally got to where we could see a state police car blocking the right two lanes. Then another. And I think a third. And finally, a fire engine, ambulance, and tow truck with an SUV of some sort loaded on to it. The scary part of all this was the vee-hickle still on the road. Totally burned up and fire fighters were spraying something into what remained of the truck or whatever it was. It was hard to tell and OF COURSE we were also focused on our own driving so couldn’t gawk at it a lot.

Anyway, I wasn’t even freaked out by that. We got here without incident and I even used a public toilet in a freeway rest area without having to quell a panic attack. Yeah, I know that isn’t all that rational. It is what it is. I was the only masked bandit anywhere near the bathrooms. (BTW, I only wear my mask INSIDE.)

Oh yeah. There was this one guy 🐽 who repeatedly jumped out to pass slow traffic in front of faster vee-hickles, who then had to put on their brakes. This person then complained that they were tailgating him. There are times when you have to jump out but traffic was mostly sedate today so why not wait a bit and let the speed freaks pass first?

It’s pretty warm up here for now. September is often (but not always) warm and it looks like the overnight lows will be in the 60s for the next week or so. And we had RAIN this afternoon. We sat on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench as it moved in and as an affirmed pluviophile, I loved it!

Meijer in the morning for grocks. What should I cook? Trying to be minimalist.

One Response to “Boomerang woman”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a scary drive but a great start to your stay. Perfect weather!