Murder is wrong

It’s Friday and we got porterized over at their place on the other side of Birch Point from us. And then came home to finish (and eat) our fave shrimp scampi portofino. Shrimp with scallions, spinach, tomatoes, cream, and sherry. Over rice.

One of the things that is NOT a problem around here is that the GG spends a LOT of time out at the garage. I have finally sussed out that one of the things that happens out at the garage is that various people VISIT him there as they are driving down our one-lane road. Judd, George, Jeep and Pan, and occasionally Grinch. I’m not sure my dad and brother would have expected the garage they built would end up being that kind of meeting place but it is, at least when the GG is out there mucking around. I love it. I am sad that my dad and brother are not there to participate in garage activities but glad the GG gets along so well with the beach community.

One Response to “Murder is wrong”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My neighbor has his garage (except for one of the three bays) set up as a meeting place/bar and has parties over there quite frequently.