Garage shooting

Yeah, okay, so the GG returned today and futzed around with all of his crapola. At one point he said something about needing to streamline some stuff. Yes.

After a trip to Brimley to pick up some mini shampoos and stuff (Family Dollar), the GG decamped to the garage. He warned me that he would be doing some shooting at some point. Thank you for the warning.

So yes, he did some shooting and that was fine. I am not anti gun and we are in MAGA-land to some extent which only means that people are not likely to freak out when they hear gunshots. And he is only shooting at “old logs” or whatever is in the swamp across the road.

But. The GG had just begun another shooting round when I noticed that our cousin Judd was driving out from next door. Okay. That meant he had to drive past the garage. The one the GG was shooting from. I ran out there pretty darn quick to warn the GG that Judd was going to be driving by. When I got out there, Judd’s car was stopped and the GG was standing outside it talking to him. Everyone was talking and laughing and Bo the dog was having a great time. The GG claimed that he was shooting from a standpoint that he could see cars coming down our one lane road and Judd was saying he was aware that the GG was there.

So this is the kind of stuff that goes on behind the garage.

One Response to “Garage shooting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Always better not to assume anything when it comes to gun safety.