Every day is a beach day

50 degrees and a nor’wester today. I slowly packed stuff up to schlep down to The Planet Ann Arbor tomorrow. I don’t wanna leave but it’s time.

Our propane stove did not keep me warm this morning. I was actually shivering. The GG did an early laundry run. He did NOT download the warshing musheen app, opting to dump quarters into the musheen instead. I cannot figger why but at least I did not have to do the laundry. This time. He had asked if I wanted to accompany him but I am a solo washerwoman so nope.

Later in the morning he jumped at the chance to do a garbage run up to the Green Bag dumping facility on the res. By the time we got to Brimley, I was warm enough to turn off my bush heater and not shivering any more.

After the dump, we traversed a HORRIBLE forest road over to the Spectacle Lake overlook in order to drive Tower Road down to Dollar Settlement. Man oh man, I wish I had taken a photo of one of the MANY frickin’ WATERHOLES on the forest road. Crapola. We were in Cygnus, which is a Subie Crosstrek and therefore a GREAT backroad vee-hickle with high clearance and wonderful stability. But it is not an off road vee-hickle and there were a couple of big waterholes that I wondered if we would get stuck in and I am always nervous about tippy stuff. Cygnus did a great job but later when we were on Tower Road (a very nice gravel road WITHOUT waterholes), I caught that he was eyeing another forest road. I said, “Don’t even think about it!”

As you might be able to see, this was NOT a beach day! Not with 50 degree temperatures.

2 Responses to “Every day is a beach day”

  1. L4827 Says:

    Closed tonight. At Petoskey, going through dinner and various water born dinner views.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Those kinds of drives are scary indeed. We did a few of them in our Jeep until I told my husband, “No more! Find a guy friend to take with you!” I hate it when I can’t get warm; the photo is beautiful though.