Packing and unpacking (and packing and unpacking (and packing and unpacking))

The GG didn’t really understand when I said I had been unpacking “all day”. But I have. I will qualify that I have been unpacking on and off all day. There was a grock run and some laundry and the major unboxing of an Amazon order I received before we went north the last time. BIG unboxing, multiple boxes. And I fergit what else.

The thing is I came home with (among other things) 6-8 grocery bags of, uh, well, groceries and various other things. The last couple days I was throwing things willy-nilly into grocery bags. Non-perishable foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, computer cables and other detritus. I have unpacked it one bag at a time, doing chores or whatever in between bags.

I don’t like to leave anything edible in the moomin over the winter, perishable or not. We have never had rodent invaders (except for a few isolated weird incidents that didn’t involve food foraging) and I don’t want to start now. I imagine this annual trip was difficult for The Commander but she only had to organize and schlep things 15 miles. If she forgot something, she could easily schlep back out to retrieve whatever. I cannot do that. The GG is rattling around up north for a couple weeks and he will return for the stuff I DID leave (at the last minute) on the middle shelf of the refrigerator door. And to snag the Lyme Lounge so he is not just going there for food.

I am not as disorganized as I was the last two years [delete long rant about pandemic food hoarding] but I am also ANNOYED at how disorganized I seem to be. Why do I have three cylinders of bread crumbs? Why do I AGAIN have an extra five pounds of both flour and sugar? And two molasses(es) and some other baking supplies that I hardly ever use… The huge container of oregano (pandemic ordering failure) went to the moomin and back. I may have used it ONCE up there. I NEEDED oregano down here at one point but didn’t have it because guess what? It was at the moomin.

And I haven’t even unpacked my clothing yet but we’ll talk about that some other day.

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