I went backroading for a bit today. I do NOT mean the kind of back roads with big waterholes on them. I mean gravel roads that are decent enough that fancy rich people actually live on them, which means they get graded from time to time. I was on one road that was more mud than gravel and I had to slow down a few times (and I wasn’t going very fast) because I felt like I was gonna slide off the road.

I know I’m back “down south” because I get solicitors. The only people who show up at the moomincabin are utility folks or are LOST. Yesterday. A nice young woman asking if this was the cFam house. I was caught off guard. I said yes (instead of “why do you want to know”). She wanted to “interview” me about proposal 3. Dum de dum de dum de dum. Which is proposal 3? Is it the legalize abortion proposal or the voters’ rights proposal? I support and signed petitions for BOTH of them but yes, proposal 3 is to legalize abortion in our state.

Without thinking (again!) I volunteered that I TOTALLY supported proposal 3. And immediately thought, I bet she doesn’t. And no, she didn’t. She had some “information” she wanted to leave with me about some of the “negative effects” of the proposal. I told her I was a life-long choice supporter and there wasn’t any way she or her “information” would change my mind. I wished her well but NO THANK YOU.

In retrospect, I wished I’d had the presence of mind to tell her I well remember the coat hanger days and don’t want us to go back there. And if she had her head on straight and wasn’t listening to some misogynist preacher-man (or whoever), she probably wouldn’t want to go back there either. But I just wanted her off my porch PDQ.

Again (again (again (again))), this is not a black and white issue. It is a sprawling continuum. For one thing out of sixteen billion others, almost NOBODY would ever CHOOSE to abort a late term baby. UNLESS. There is something horribly wrong. MOST people who allow their unborn babies to gestate past the early months WANT them and do NOT want to abort them. But SHIT HAPPENS. And I’ll leave Trump and his delusional speeches about beautifully wrapping up newborns in blankets before killing them out of this for now. You’re welcome.

P.S. Roooomba ran for a looooong time today.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There are so many times I wish I’d said something that came to me later. Not a black and white issue at all. Lots of gray areas which is why the draconian laws that some states and politicians are pushing through will be a human and economic disaster.