Waiting like a flytrap

That is, an adult child waiting for her moom to say something totally stoopid or whatever. What I had said that fell into the flytrap a couple weeks ago was something like, “I can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance.” The cognitive dissonance was facing the fact that I would probably have to eat leftover pizza and Chinese for dinner that night (and I did and it was fine).

I dunno what landed in the flytrap tonight but for the first time in quite a while I had my beach urchins and our raccoon over here for dinner. We had Chicken Pot Pie (CPP), not to be confused with PCPP (Purple Chicken Pot Pie). PCPP, you ask? Years ago the GG took a trip out to Bingy with Pengo Janetto and her mother to check out a college for a masters. I promised CPP for dinner when they arrived back on The Planet Ann Arbor. Problem. I bought PURPLE potatoes. WHAT was I thinking? I’m sure it would’ve tasted fine but I could not serve a dish that color to guests, not even family members. A normally whitish dish with dashes of orange (carrots) should not be purple. Cognitive dissonance? We went to Knight’s instead.

Although we are all still concerned about COVID transmission, the reason we haven’t been having dinner together is mostly because we are all as busy as all getout and going out of town for various trips. Although not to exotic faraway places mostly. Yooperland and the northern lower and one of the Carolinas but I can’t remember which.

The pic is from the GG, who is staying at a lodge in Gunflint, MN on the eve of a backpacking trip on the North Country Trail. It looks comfortable enough in the pic but I am wondering where the flushy terlet and shower are. They will not have those for the next umpteen days or so. He said something like, “I will not smell very good at the end of this.” Indeed. On the other hand, he bought laundry detergent and little bottles of shampoo and things before he left the moomincabin area, where it feels like you are deep in the wilderness but there is a Meijer 15 minutes away.

One Response to “Waiting like a flytrap”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That would have been an interesting looking CPP. It probably would have tasted fine, right? Never had purple potatoes though. It feels good to get together with people sometimes although I’m still a little nervous about being inside with a group.