Flinging crapola

So first I got up this morning and I was jumping around like crazy. Plum Market and then I decided to look for skirt hangers out at Meijer. This was a stretch for me because it was well after opening time for me to go there but I had some clothing to dump off too. I dropped the clothing off in the drop box in the parking lot but they didn’t have skirt hangers in the store so I walked out without buying anything but I did get some gas there. When I got home I found enough skirt hangers to hang all of the umpteen bazillion skirts I own so it was a good thing I didn’t buy any.

This little bowl has been at the moomincabin for a couple years. It did not have a cover. I could not figure what it was or where it came from. It turns out that it is MINE. It belongs to a set of nested bowls with covers. How did it get to the moomincabin? I do now know. I can only guess that it made its way into the Lyme Lounge and then up to the Moomin. Please do not take Landfill kitchen stuff anywhere… … …

It’s a little like severance. My yooperland severed self has been wondering where this little bowl came from for a couple years later now. My Planet Ann Arbor severed self has been wondering where my missing bowl was… Finally my two severed selves integrated and voila!

I am going a little crazy because the GG is not here but his identical twin is. Twin is on the phone with his kids and grandchildren are and it is hilarious listening to this conversation because I keep thinking I’m hearing my husband but I’m not. It’s his twin. Love them both!

One Response to “Flinging crapola”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great comparison to Severance. Did you finish? I can’t wait until Season 2! I can’t imagine an identical twin; that would be freaky.