Queen Bee

Because you don’t want to look at photos of me FINALLY reorganizing my spice “drawer”.

This is the woman the GG is backpacking with this week. I chose this photo because you can’t really see her and I didn’t ask permission to post it. Actually I can’t ask because I don’t think they have cell service right now. This is her second thru-hiking trip on the North Country Trail albeit she is not doing it from end to end contiguously. Last winter the GG did parts of Ohio with her and is joining her again in northern Minnesota. I got Queen Bee on the spelling bee today but this woman is the REAL Queen Bee.

That said, I DID FINALLY reorganize my spice cabinet. I did it in five minute increments throughout my work day Thursday I think it was. I now have a primary place for all herbs/spices and a secondary space for duplicates (and a couple triplicates 🐽). I have already put the beach urchins on alert not to buy garam masala, nutmeg, or turmeric. I have triplicates of those. And then there’s the humongous oregano container that was a pandemic shopping error. Always check sizes and quantities when ordering!

This weekend I started slow-walking my clothing into some kind of order. Right now it is a huge mess. And that’s even though I got rid of most of my biz caz after I turned into a permanent telecommuter and have done some other dumps since then. It turns out I cannot stop myself from ordering skirts and tights online.

Oh well. I am totally outta steam tonight. Early trip to the farmers market for, lemme see, carrots, onions, apples, delicata squash, and some eggplants at the last minute that I could NOT turn down.


One Response to “Queen Bee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I should go through my spices since most of them probably expired a long time ago. Now that I’m not subbing I should also get rid of a bunch of teacher clothes.