Last day of September

It was a gorgeous day and at the end of the day I sat outside watching Severance on my phone. I have figgered out how to watch videos in landscape mode. That is a good thing.

Anyway I am loving the fall-type yard noises. I can still hear crickets (I think that’s what I’m hearing) but their chirping has slowed down. Of course there are always squoils and things hanging around.

For quite a while it was warm enough to hang around outside with just a few layers. Turtleneck, polartech vest, skirt over tights. When the sun headed down over the west side of the Landfill, it got a little chillier and I threw this loverly lap blanket over my legs. This was a gift from my dad many years ago. I don’t think my dad really had an affinity for gift giving but he did give blankets. High quality ones. This one was from LLBean but most often, he gave Hudson Bay blankets. His granddaddy trapped for the Hudson Bay Company in northern Saskatchewan and died there but that is too long a story for tonight.

We who live in the north country always have a lot of blankets around. Wool are best but down comforters work well too. I can remember being at the moomin when I was a young child and my foot was FREEZING! Moom! I yelled and she got out of bed and covered me with a thick wool air force blanket and boy oh boy was I warm!

It’s probably time to put my impatiens in the compost but they are still budding so I am gonna wait a bit longer.

2 Responses to “Last day of September”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Still so warm here that the annuals think it’s summer. I watched Severance on my TV, cast from my laptop. I signed into Apple TV from Chrome. Would that work for you? Watching it on my phone was hard!

  2. Isa Says:

    @Margaret you should see the remote control situation they have going on… I can barely figure out how to turn the tv on at the Landfill!