Severance Severance

This is not a dog, it is a dog-shaped stone and I fergit where it is but the GG texted a pic of it. I WISH TO HELL HE WOULD TEXT ME FULL-SIZED IMAGES. THIS IS NOT NOT NOT!

After work and rolling out the various carts this afternoon (garbage and recycle this time), I thought I would watch the next season five episode of the Handmaid’s Tale. It’s out today right? Not. I watched the first episode of Severance instead. I liked it although I don’t yet totally understand it. But that seems about right for the first episode of a sci-fi type thing. I think it will be up my alley.

Some of my co-workers were talking about Severance a while ago (quiiiite a while ago, I am a late adopter) and they liked it. So let’s give it a try.

Also I recently read a novel titled Severance that I liked a lot. It is totally unrelated to the TV series and it features a pandemic, of all things. Note that this novel was published in 2018, well before covid-19 hit and totally different symptoms than covid. Weird symptoms…

Hahaha. A lot of people in the flute world are freaked out that Lizzo played James Madison’s crystal flute. Me: James Madison played the flute? Also me: I LOVE LIZZO. Here is a link to Lizzo playing the crystal flute. It comes with an ad and some other crapola but I am (was) a flute player and I LOVE LIZZO. I was good but she is better. You go girl.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t understand why people would be upset and was also surprised that Madison played the flute. I found “Severance” thought-provoking and disturbing. I can’t wait for Season 2!