Lookin’ like Bolton (again) at the terminus

Hopefully this’ll get shaved by the time he gets home, whichever day that is. I really do not like facial hair all that well. But whatever.

And I really don’t know what day Himself will return. I was thinking how much I would miss him when we said goodbye almost two weeks ago at the moominbeach. I was heading south and he was heading west (a lot) and a north (a bit). NNW? Yeah.

But once I got settled in at The Landfill, I felt great. I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted to but I have made some progress. And I have either another full weekend or most of one to focus on things.

I haven’t been lonely. The beach urchins et al have been over a couple times and the UU spent the night last Sunday. And there’s always work folk in the United Snakes and India and wherever.

A friend posted quilt-type stuff on Instagram today. I don’t remember her ever doing quilt stuff when she was living on The Planet. But she was working full time then. I think it’s really cool that’s she’s doing that now. And here I am working at this baggy old age (and LOVING it). When I do pull the R string, I will want to do quilt stuff again. Why am I so outta whack from the norm in terms of career trajectory? I do not know.

One Response to “Lookin’ like Bolton (again) at the terminus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I started working (as a teacher–before that, lots of summer jobs in factories) in my early 20s and kept at it for 37 years through two children and all their activities. I was more than ready to retire. You found your career later in life and are enjoying it, so why stop? I love facial hair on men. The last two guys I’ve dated have neatly trimmed beards and I like the look! Patt couldn’t grow a beard to save his life! LOL