Yeah, let’s just eat a camera

I got a voice mail from the GG today in which there were a lot of crunching noises. I had actually just talked to him on the phone so I when I saw the notification that i had missed a voicemail, I was like WHUT?

A few years ago we were at the moomincabin and the GG was on his computer and there was this really weird noise and I finally asked what WTF? It was a video of a fox eating a camera.

The UU came to have dinner tonight. He was craving salmon and kinda wanted to go to Knights. I processed that for a while… … … I am still not comfortable with indoor dining plus this is Friday and Planet Ann Arbor restaurants are slammed plus traffic is NUTSO. I cannot even make a left turn outta my neighborhood onto N. Maple. In the end, I cooked salmon piccata here at the Landfill and that seemed fine. Maybe next week when the GG is home, we’ll grill some salmon.

One Response to “Yeah, let’s just eat a camera”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Salmon, yum. I love the stuff, especially freshly caught Alaskan red salmon.