WordPress hell

For a while anyway, closing the browser window and re-opening seemed to solve it.

Man oh man am I taaaared. I actually started to write (what?) a while ago and then dozed a bit. I’m back but will not be staying long. I forget what road I was on when these sandhills were crossing the road. I was going at a snail’s pace so no danger of hitting them and they didn’t speed up much either but they didn’t provide a great picture either. At the bottom of the pic is one of Cygnus’s readouts. I’m not exactly sure what information it’s exactly supposed to convey except the angle I’m ascending/descending at. Which is weird because it says I’m at a slight uphill grade but this was flat flat flat.

Tinked away at reorganizing/flinging things today although nothing actually left the Landfill. Soon. Reading? The Mountain in the Sea (octopodes). Watching? Little Fires Everywhere. Like the book. Not like the book. Whatever. G’night.

WordPress hell? I had a devil of a time posting a photo. It kept trying to tell me I was uploading a video or a gallery? Whaaaa? Restarted and was able to upload a plain photo with no problem. Dunno.

At any rate, this is all just a filler post. G’night!

One Response to “WordPress hell”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I finished a book last night and have no clue what to read next which is nerve-wracking. The blogging services seem to sense the chaos in the world and then add to it!