Wife swapping 🤣

So I have entertained the UU (my husband’s identical twin) here at the Landfill a couple of nights over the last few weeks. Tonight the GG is being entertained by the UU’s wife The Beautiful Gay (TBG and she is a woman). By “entertain”, I mean us gals are feeding our brothers-in-law dinner and providing them a place to sleep. Alone. We are not the least bit kinky.

It’s interesting being married to an identical twin. I love the UU but not in the same way I love the GG. I don’t really get mixed up about who’s who. I absolutely don’t get mixed up when LOOKING at them. They do look exactly alike but somehow there are little differences. I imagine it was more difficult to tell them apart when they were infants but I think one of them has a some sort of birth mark maybe? When I mix them up is when I’m not looking at them. Their voices are the same and if I’m not paying attention, I sometimes think, which twin is that?

It maybe took some time for TBG and I to get to know each other. When we first met, she was in the throes of child bearing, her third child on the way. The GG and I didn’t get started on children until four years after that. Nowadays we are good friends. We certainly have differences but they are mostly trivial things (think house cleaning habits, i.e., she is waaaaay better than me). We have a connection somehow and she is one of my favorite people to hang out with.

I hope the spidey doesn’t freak anyone out. It’s a Daddy Long Legs and it is harmless to humans. I grew up thinking that. In recent years “we” are being told via the interwebs that it is very poisonous but its fangs are “too short to bite humans”. Like American politics, this is a complicated issue. My recent google search pretty much confused me except that I continue to NOT be afraid of a Daddy Long Legs bite.

One Response to “Wife swapping 🤣”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t mind daddy long legs! They don’t freak me out at all. They don’t have a hideous bloated looking body like other spiders. I wish I liked my sister-in-law more. We’re too different in every way and she rubs me the wrong way.