Himself is home

kkkkkkkkkk. It drives me nuts when people leave a room and do not turn off the lights. I think I have left a light on ONCE in the last couple weeks and it was in the dungeon so I didn’t notice it right away.

It drives me nuts when people take showers and then put on dirty, smelly shirts. We have modern laundry facilities here. If it stinks put it in the laundry basket. Do not put it back on. Jeebus 😵‍💫 I guess maybe after a four-day backpacking trip you may have lost your sense of smell? Either that or you picked up covid (again) somewhere along the way. Probably not on the backpacking trip but some people at the “celebration” *were* covid-positive. Anyway.

If I had known that eggs and apples and other things would be coming home this afternoon, I probably wouldn’t have bought them this morning. I’m not sure what else is in the refrigimatator and I don’t think I want to look right now. It actually doesn’t seem all that bad this time as near as I can tell.

So Himself is home for better or worse and even for lunch, that is if he wants to forage for lunch at the Landfill.

That is about all. G’night, KW

P.S. As far as I know, no one here IS covid positive. No symptoms in any event.

2 Responses to “Himself is home”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John always turns the light out in my garage whereas I leave it on so I don’t trip when I go out there in the dark. We have very different habits. He also folds towels differently. (tri-fold instead of 2 fold) I just keep my mouth (mostly) shut. 😉 Glad that Himself is home and clean!

  2. TMOTU Says:

    Note: I keep reminding Anne, that some women love their husbands. I think she is catching onto the concept.

    Ho! Ho! Ho!