Intellectually shredded

It was one o’ them thar things where I had to put alert statements in a javascript file to try to figure WTF was going on. In the end, it was a css issue. Some birdbrain (actually probably meeeee) had hacked in a work-around at some point. It was time to FIX IT! And I did! Right at the end of my work day. Yay for me!

How do I [love to] hate facebook? Let me count the ways. Before the Orange Baboon Bombasty it was because people were constantly sharing articles but pretty obviously not READING them except for the headline. Clickbait. After TFG WON, I ran across a Huffpo article with a headline about how Bernie could still be prez. I knew that was totally wrong but I read it anyway. And after a couple leading sentences about Bernie, OF COURSE, he could not become prez and the article went on to discuss how to evaluate news articles for factual information. I rarely share anything but I did share this but also wrote that I had READ the article before sharing it. Did I convince anyone to stop monkey clicking and READ and THINK? Probably not.

Nowadays the political crapola has toned down and I for one am happy that social media sites have cracked down a bit on what a lot of people are calling “free speech”. I am still scratching my head about what “free speech” really means to the various folks who bandy the phrase about willy-nilly. I do know that it needs to come with some level of personal responsibility. Nowadays what I am getting spammed with are promoted links to all kinds of crapola. Some of it even looks interesting (historical stuff, etc.) but if I am really interested in something, I independently google it because every time I click on something from facebook, I get inundated with MORE crapola. Nope.

Last night facebook was actually fun for once. I was mindlessly scrolling along waiting for my brain to settle down enough for sleep. An adult daughter was sitting next to me and she asked, “Moom, who is that?” Well. That is so-and-so and his husband. And *that* (another person) is the guy who “stole” the John Philip Sousa high school band award that I had coveted for years *and* his dad made the pottery that The Commander collected and we all love so much. And one of that guy’s (again, another person) older brothers died in Viet Nam and I went to his other older brother’s wedding with my then boyfriend and *that* brother was in a band called the Renaissance Fair and he’s dead now too but he didn’t die in Nam. And on and on. It was fun telling stories and it’s a good thing I am not friends with any ex-boyfriends on facebook.

Photo credit to mouse because I did not take any photos today. In fact I didn’t leave the Landfill except to snag what passes for a newspaper (twice a week), take the trash/recycle carts out, and dump the compost.

One Response to “Intellectually shredded”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The amount of mis/disinformation that people spread mindlessly on and on on Facebook drives me NUTS. Bonkers! When I point out to commenters that they evidently haven’t read the article in question, instead of being apologetic or ashamed, they DOUBLE DOWN. What the…??