An egghead and her twinz

Here we are in the Cozy Room doing Virtual Oscar Tango with our friends of porterization. Look at my covid hair 🐽 You can’t see the Porters because our free Zoom session had just timed out. I think we need to switch back to FaceTime but who am iiiii?

The UU called me an Egghead this afternoon. I cracked up. Yes, I am an egghead. When I was a teenager that’s just about the last thing I wanted to be called. All I wanted was to be cooooool and have a boyfriend, etc. Well, I did have a couple of boyfriends during those years but I was never really cooooool as a high school kid.

What I was, was an egghead. Like practicing flute/piano for hours on end. The flute (my major instrument) practicing started with tone exercises, then Taffanel-Gaubert Exercices (scales/arpeggios etc.), then some etudes, and then whatever repertoire I was working on or just playing through because I loved it all so much. Bach, Telemann, French virtuoso stuff, esoteric 20th century stuff, and whatever else.

I did math stuff too, like working through my dad’s ANCIENT analytical geometry book PLUS taking every math class I could my hands on. That stopped before calculus in my high school, which I longed to study. I did take Calc 1 in college. I aced it but at that point, spending time on both math and music was not compatible with getting enough sleep (and partying 🐽).

I am a “retired” musician but I have spent my adult life in and out of the computer biz. During my boring Childhood Career, which began with me pulling people’s printouts off a “Data 100” printer, I taught myself Fortran… … … In my non-boring Adult Career I don’t hand people their printouts. In fact I rarely even use printers any more.

I wouldn’t call myself popular these days but there are probably people who might argue with me and I have had my moments. I hereby PROUDLY proclaim myself an egghead. It’s a badge of honor that I wish I could’ve embraced as a teenager. Women can do ALL kinds of jobs including techie type things. I am one of them. Let’s go girls. We are cooooool!

2 Responses to “An egghead and her twinz”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I went into a traditional career for women so I can’t imagine the issues for those who didn’t. I was called a “brain” in high school which reduced me to my good grades and nerdy intellectualism. No one would call me that now!

  2. l4827 Says:

    It does look like there was a seat reorganization in this photo. The middle seat seems to be the same however. At least we can tell who’s who by the hat!